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The fuel surcharge for April 2024 is 23.58%

The fuel surcharge for May 2024 is 23.40%

Explanation of Fuel Surcharge Calculation

Verbose description of fuel Levy calculation

Base Net fuel price is $0.70 from when DXT started to apply a fuel levy

Get current price: www.aip.com.au/pricing
Less gst
Less rebate
That gets a net price of the current fuel
Get the difference in net price
Divide the difference by the Base net price to get percentage change from base.
Divide the percentage change by fuel factor (32%) to get the fuel levy.

BF= 0.70 (Base fuel when DXT started applying fuel levy. This is a net value, ex rebate and GST)
CF = current fuel (Regional average diesel price as published by AIP, NSW/ACT for each week ending of the previous month divided by number of weeks)
CR = diesel fuel current rebate

Mathematical Description of Fuel Levy Calculation

Fuel levy =((((CF/1.1)-CR)-BF)/BF)*0.32

Example for June 2012

Fuel levy =((((1.385/1.1)-0.15043)-0.70)/0.70)*0.32

Out of Area Suburbs

Suburb Postcode
Mungindi 2406
Weemelah 2406
Blue Nobby 2408
North Star 2408
Yallaroi 2408
Boggabilla 2409
Boonal 2409
Croppa Creek 2411
Boomi 2405
Garah 2405
Bulyeroi 2387
Rowena 2387

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